If I qualify for a trial, do I have to participate?
No, you do not have to participate. It is your decision whether or not you want to join a trial.

If I join a trial, do I have to complete the trial?
No, you are free to leave a trial at any time and for any reason.

However, if you do leave a trial, the trial doctor or trial staff may ask you some follow-up questions, and you will not be allowed to rejoin the trial.

How many follow-up visits are required?
It depends on the trial. Some trials may require more follow-up visits than others. The trial doctor or the trial staff will go over how many follow-up visits you may need to make.

Will I be paid for participating in a trial?
It depends. Each trial is different. Contact our clinic to learn more about trial participation. Additionally, all trial medication, tests and assessments will be provided to you at no cost.

Can I get trial medication outside of clinical trials?
No, only trial volunteers are eligible to receive trial medication. Clinical trial medications are not available to the public.

Should I talk with my family, friends, and personal doctor before participating in a clinical trial?
It is always a good idea to discuss trial participation with people you trust. Your personal doctor may also be able discuss other treatment options with you.