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Healthy volunteers 246628

Study Dates: TBD - TBD

Trial Number



●  Healthy Volunteer
●  Smoking (No)
●  Non-Childbearing Females




Male, Female, Non-Smoker


18-55 years


18 -30 kg/m² For Part 1 and Part 2

13 -35 kg/m² For Part 3

Additional Information

Part 1

Six groups of eight healthy participants will receive a single oral dose of the study drug or matching placebo under fasted conditions.

Cohort 2a Admission 25th to 30th August outpatient visits 1st and 3rd September and follow up 10th September

Cohort 2b admission 29th August to 3rd September , outpatient visits 5th and 7th September and follow up 14th September

Part 2

Part 2 includes a “high fat breakfast “*Cheese may replace Bacon for volunteers who are vegetarian.

Please ensure the participant does not have any dietary restrictions which would prevent them from completing the breakfast.

Part 3

Three groups of eight healthy participants will receive multiple oral doses of the study medicine per) or matching placebo under fed conditions.

For Part 3 we are looking to dose participants with a fasting serum LDL‑C ≥100 mg/dL (2.60 mmol/L) at the Screening Visit


The Sponsor is developing the medicine for treating dyslipidaemia (unhealthy levels of one or more kinds of lipid (fat) in your blood).

The main purpose of the trial is to see how safe the study medication is and how well it is tolerated after dosing .The trial will also investigate how the study medication is taken up, metabolised (chemically broken down), distributed through the body and excreted.

A further aim is to look at how this process is possibly altered by food by giving the study medication in the presence and absence of meals.

You will receive the study medication in the form of a capsule which you will swallow with a glass (240 mL) of water.

We are looking for healthy Males and non childbearing Females

This is a First into Human Study.