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Healthy Male and Females 250235

Study Dates: 30/7/20 - 6/9/20

Trial Number



●  Healthy Volunteer
●  Smoking (No)
●  Non-Childbearing Females


Up to: $2,302


Male, Female, Non-Smoker


18 - 55

Additional Information

Study dates Monday 24th August to Wednesday 2nd September and a follow up visit Monday 7th September


The new medicine tested in this clinical trial is a compound called AZD5718

The sponsor is developing the study medicine for treating a heart disease called coronary artery disease

The main purpose of the trial is to see how the study drug is taken up, metabolised (chemically broken down), distributed through the body and excreted (referred to as pharmacokinetics or PK).

The trial will also assess how safe the study drug is and how well it is tolerated after dosing alone and in combination with Midazolam.

This drug Midazolam is a marketed and licensed drug used for the treatment of anxiety.

You will receive the study medication in the form of tablet which you will swallow with a glass of water and Midazolam in the form of a solution which you will take with water

This is not a First Into Man study