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Healthy Volunteers 245922..

Study Dates: 4/9/19 - 29/2/20

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●  Healthy Volunteer
●  Smoking (No)


Up to: $3,010


Female, Non-Smoker



Additional Information

The study consists of 11 nights in house and 1 follow up visit.

You will be paid £50 for screening

Cohort 7 Admission 9th to 20th February with a follow up visit 26th February

Cohort 8 Admission 11th to to 22nd February with a follow up visit 28th February

Screening currently full.


The Sponsor is developing the study drug primarily for the treatment of primary and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

The main purpose of the study is to test the effect of 1200 mg study drug on the electrical activity of the heart when compared with moxifloxacin and placebo. For this reason, certain measurement categories in the ECG will be analysed.

You will receive the study drug or its placebo in the form of a capsule (12 capsules per day from Day 1 to Day 8) and Moxifloxacin or its placebo in the form of a capsule (1 capsule per day on Days 1 and 9) which you will swallow with a glass of water

This is not a first into human study