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High Cholesterol Male Patients 243965

Study Dates: 15/1/20 - 9/4/20

Trial Number



●  Smoking (Yes)
●  Smoking (No)
●  Cholesterol


Up to: $3,920


Male, Smoker, Non-Smoker



Additional Information

You will need to attend three screening visits for this study, each of which you will be compensated £50 for.

We are recruiting patients who are taking STATINS to control their cholesterol. Other medications and ailments, such as diabetes, are permissible on this study.

The study consists of a nine night stay in our unit followed by eight outpatient visits. The total duration of the study from admission to final visit is 71 days.

Light smokers of five or less cigarettes (or the nicotine equivalent) per day, as well as non-smokers, are welcome to screen for this study.

The start dates for the study at the moment are shown below:

• Cohort 4a: 20th January 2020

Cohort 4b: 26th January 2020

Cohort 4c: 30th January 2020

Please call recruitment on 01895614888 to book a screening or for more information.


The Study drug is being developed to treat patients who suffer from hypercholesterolemia, more commonly known as high cholesterol.

This trial is looking to determine:

The safety and tolerability of the drug in humans.

How it is distributed, broken down and excreted from the body.

The effect of the drug on blood cholesterol levels.

The drug will be administered as a subcutaneous injection. A single, or several, injections with a small needle just under the skin of the stomach.